XXIV (24)

Virtual scene, for Joyside.

Vitural Scene

May 2022

Joyside Album “24”.

Majoring Part
Concept, Spatial Design, Modeling, Filming.

The project is a music video for Joyside’s music album “24”. Inspired from the “24” number of the title, a shape of “XXIV” become the basic element of site construction. In order to echo the theme of the song “into a new world”, the design follows the perspective of filming a person, traverses the complex geometric blocks, runs and deforms in the red fog, and finally traverses the lyrics and enters the new world of XXIV .

In this project, I was mainly responsible for the creative development and scene construction, including the generation of complex geometric buildings, the layout of blocks, and part of the shot design.

To express the chaotic and complex mood and atmosphere in the song, in addition to the basic space composed of assets, a large number of buildings with complex geometric structures are also generated through the geometry nodes of Blender.

Buildings of this complex geometry can be reproduced in large numbers and vary from one to another by attaching small unit components to the large frame through certain rules in space. Since these buildings can be changed in shape by adjusting the parameters, it is possible to change the shape of the building itself at the same time with the change of music, creating a dynamic landscape different from the fixed scene for the music album.

Through the use of red lighting, space volume fog and the use of the displacement modifier, the space atmosphere becomes blurred and tense. The lyrics are all displayed in the space by attaching to various buildings in the style of billboards, making the scene as a whole and out of reality. The shot of the scene uses inclination and jitter movement to reinforce this tense mood and further fit the atmosphere of the music album.