Wave Wave

Exhibition of Youth in the Digital Age


November 2021

Business project
Network-Party project for UCCA Lab and Yiyouth.

Majoring Part
Concept, Space Design.

The project was designed for UCCA Lab and Yiyouth. Based on Yiyouth’s precise insights into the youth group, we extend the digital picture from a rational and objective perspective, construct an interactive space from a perceptual perspective, and map individual life sensitively and randomly. As an exhibition space design, we present and connect the multi-dimensional youth field.


The Two Waves

The two “waves” in the exhibition title refer to the natural wave and the digital wave. The two are interrelated and influence each other, forming a combination of image and data, feeling and analysis in the exhibition.

In addition to providing space design support for the entire exhibition, we analysed the IP characteristics of Yiyouth’s sub-brands, extracted typical elements, and jointly created three multimedia installations with UCCA Lab, which echoed the three panels. We want to make the fun more fun and make the fun three-dimensional.


Spatial Design

The physical form of a wave is a curve, so we respond to the wave shape of the “wave” with curved walls. Waves are flowing ups and downs, thus we have designed a circuitous and changeable exhibition line. The spatial design links three exhibition sections, transforms the emotional mechanism of waves into the experience of ups and downs in a limited time and space, and responds to the changes in the surging momentum of the “waves”.

Installation Design

Data Vorte

We used the concept of “vortex” to show the way to cut into facts from data, and form feedback on the current situation of youth group life. This work used natural phenomena to refer to the joint effect caused by relying on data and data analysis

The overall dark environment was shaped by the curved surface enclosure. The rear projection was also used to create a concave visual experience. The space design of the exhibition echoes the immersion expected by the installation. The interactive installation gives the viewer the effect of being sucked in by the vortex.

Floding Literature

The tide is rolling forward in a rolling shape, and contemporary youth are also coerced by various phenomenal states. We set up a tortuous mirror passage, and in the rolling of “tags”, the audience can easily establish a connection with themselves, and at the same time feel the oscillation and change of the culture of the times.

In the space design, the unique design and the reflection of the mirror material create a labyrinthine and folded interactive channel. The space cooperated with the breathing light source to create a sense of surging waves. In the space scene of reflection and distortion, the flowing “tags” and the audience were merged in the same scene and were constantly replicated and distorted. The space became a symbolic social scene, an immersive self-contemplation space.

Fortune Calendar

Combining the predictability of divination with the daily nature of the calendar, a unique and trendy space is created. Each room is equipped with an interactive screen, which uses the well-known interactive principle of slot machines to open a journey of unexpected possibilities for the audience to explore the mystery of the present, the future and the super-future. The first room is now, 2021; The second room is ten years later, 2031; The third room goes directly to 100 years later, 2121.

The spatial vision of the three rooms progressed continuously, and the scale is also constantly changing. While the space gradually shrinks, the channel gradually increases. It brings the audience a sense of depth that seems to travel through time and space. The lighting and wall decoration echoed the time theme in each room, extending from the changeable reality to the uncertain future through the changes of colours and symbols.