Wave Wave

Exhibition, for UCCA Lab and Yiyouth.


November 2021


Shanghai, CHINA.

Majoring Part
Spatial Design, Drawing and Modeling.

The project is an exhibition and installation design for Yiyouth’s new exhibition for youth groups. Based on Yiyouth’s precise insights into the youth group, its data is displayed in a visual form, an interactive space is constructed from a perceptual perspective, and individual lives are mapped sensitively and randomly. The two “waves” in the exhibition title refer to the natural wave and the digital wave. The curving and undulating display streamlines together with the multi-dimensional art works of the youth field form a wave experience of ups and downs.


In this project, I am mainly responsible for the plan and installation refinement, including design refinement, NetworkParty exhibiting installation refinement, space design, modelling, and drawing.

The natural wave and the digital wave are interrelated and influence each other, forming a combination of image and data, feeling and analysis in the exhibition.


A circuitous and changeable exhibition line is created to response the waves. The spatial design links three exhibition sections, transforms the emotional mechanism of waves into the experience of ups and downs in a limited time and space, and responds to the changes in the surging momentum of the “waves”.

In addition to providing space design support for the entire

exhibition, IP characteristics of Yiyouth’s sub-brands are analysed

to extracte typical elements. Jointly three multimedia installations

are created, which echoed the three sub-brands of Yiyouth.


The Data Vorte is a rear projection which create a concave

visual experience. The space design of the exhibition echoes the

immersion expected by the installation.The interactive installation

gives the viewer the effect of being sucked in by the vortex.


The Floding Literature is a tortuous mirror passage in the rolling of

“tags”. The unique design and the reflection of the mirror material

create a labyrinthine and folded interactive channel. The space

cooperated with the breathing light source to create a sense of

surging waves. In the space scene of reflection and distortion, the

flowing “tags” and the audience were merged in the same scene

and were constantly replicated and distorted.


The Fortune Calendar combines the predictability of divination

with the daily nature of the calendar, creating a unique and

trendy space. The spatial vision of the three rooms progressed

continuously, and the scale is also constantly changing. While the

space gradually shrinks, the channel gradually increases. It brings

the audience a sense of depth that seems to travel through time

and space.

Based on Yiyouth’s precise insights into the youth group, the digital picture is extended from a rational and objective perspective, constructing an interactive space from a perceptual perspective, and mapping individual life sensitively and randomly. This exhibition space design present and connect the multi-dimensional youth field.