The Block of Blocks

A Street Regeneration of Residents’ Activities

Anshan Community 
Shanghai Municipality

November 2016

Team project
with Yao JIANG, Wenting LIU and Chufei LIAO.

Majoring part
Concept, Invastigation, Analysis, Model.

On the basis of the investigation and survey of activities and venues in this street at Anshan No.5 Community, we use modular design to retain and promote the activities in the community center; also we imbed the cultural creativity industry with books.

We amplify the characteristic constructions hooked on to buildings in the street, to create constructions hooked on constructions hooked on buildings. Seizing the original characteristics of the street and emphasis them, we get something of enjoyment.

We call these modular blocks and therefore the street become the block of blocks.

Research and Analysis

The Status Quo of the Street

The Existing and Possible Activities of the Community

Activities Based on Site

Activities Based on Time

There are three active zones in the street from east to west, and the dominating factories of dividing them are standing space, shops and community center, greengrocer and healthy center which attracts the old and a branch lead to the kindergarten. As there is no facility for staying and relaxing, people could only stand or sit on the stone-ball chatting or chilling. There are also a large number of young persons in the street while there is no attractions, hence they will not stay here for long.

In an aging community, increasing the movable space and time for the young to strengthen their communications with the old can help the street gain more energy.


Design of Shelter

We choose the crossover feature and simple but strong orthorhombic structure from the characteristic constructions hooking to the buildings. By magnifying this structure and stick it to the constructions it can act in cooperation with the formal constructions, which could be called as constructions hooked on constructions hooked on buildings. Through the research of the needs in the street we design different function units, which could be connected in the street and satisfied both the demand and the style.

The Shelter is a special factor in them. We use it to create some little nodes in the street. During the summer, we cover it with opaque membrane to form a shady place; and in winter we change the membrane to a high refractive index one to let more light in. In addition, it can be an umbrella in rainy days.

Network of Service

We convert an abandoned building into the new service center with a community library and study rooms. We also move the classes in the community center to here. By offering the site and display platform we can introduce in innovation companies, which can offer lectures, exhibitions and could take part in designing the blocks in the street.

By placing the cultural creative industry through book and thereafter widen the roadside activities zone, we can help the youth and the elderly have a chance to communicate and develop the energy of the street.