Cross the Border

Exhibition of Burberry’s Unbounded Artworks


January 2022

Business project
Network-Party project for BIE and Burberry Generation.

Majoring Part
Concept, Space Design, Project Management.

The project was designed for BIE and Burberry Generation. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Burberry Generation, this exhibition was designed to find the feelings and expressions belonging to this era in young and diverse art forms, and lead the audience to the artists seeking the birthplace of perception.

For contemporary youth, the creative medium is abundant, and the source of inspiration is free. In popular culture, they gradually develop their attention to daily experience and self-feeling, their awe and fascination with technology, and their rejection of certain explicit symbols. Artists rooted in different cultural scenes, even with different conceptual systems and creative languages, have all met in similar practice scenes.

We want to explore from the works because culture and creation have always allowed the exploration of marginal areas, and the unresolved history and aesthetics. Extend to allow young people to create new languages. We don’t need to overthrow or fear the existence of “borders”, we generate a fusion of viewpoints in the lively cultural scene in countless allowances and extensions.


Boundary and Unbounded

With “Cross the Border” as the theme, we look forward to stripping the exhibition venue from the real world through design, creating a new scene between actual space and false existence. The design uses a wrapping approach to shape the entire site.

Beyond the existing boundary of the space, by superimposing a layer of boundary, the original chaos of the commercial place is eliminated. The whole space is embedded between the wall and the partition. Seeing the external world as the initial border, the mall becomes the second border. Above the border of the mall, the overall package is overlapped, which is the border above the border. However, this layer of wrapping is at the same time detached from the original site, blending but not covering. The screen, artworks and mirrors are regarded as a new layer of boundary, and this layer of the border has a new integration with the viewer, which makes the new boundary and flow continue to form in the site.

Starting from the diversity of Burberry Generation’s artworks, we divided the overall space into three different dimensions of “crossing borders”. The garden at the entrance shows the fusion of digital creation and the natural world. Variation Sequence​ shows the fusion of the virtual world and the human. My Balance area, through a series of balance works, re-interprets the fusion of balance with humans themselves.


Reconstructed Garden

In “Reconstructed Garden”, we try to respond to the changes that nature is going through in a personal way. A garden is a place where various life forms coexist. Humans create a seemingly perfect natural system here, and the ecology develops circularly. The disorderly destruction and orderly restoration are all proofs of the complex and delicate relationship.

Humans and nature depend on each other, and the relationship between them is constantly changing in the small atom and the large planet. How to build a more harmonious and equal future through the perspective of the new generation? How will the addition of new species rewrite the relationships we live in in the world?

The boundaries of algorithms, nature, numbers, and life will dissolve in the garden, reconstruct in the dissolution, and converge in the reconstruction.

Variation Sequence

In the conflict between docile routine and drama, we see in the world that the objects at hand, every curved surface, and every arc seem to be ordinary, but they are related to different contexts in their respective scenes.

Between the absurd and the ambiguous sequence, the whiteness of variation could be explored. Nature and city, space and machinery, monochrome and colour, the artists presented in the “Variation Sequence” try to use irrational imagination to enter the gap between the virtual and the real within the rules of rational cognition, to explore and explore an interlaced identity landscape.

My Balance

Between the spatial order and the natural order, people try to maintain their hearts to achieve balance, which is not only the balance of things but the balance between “I” and “world” at that moment. Between balance and collapse, an expression of vitality is projected. It is a warm intervention, and a dynamic connection between “self-identification” and “other world”.

In the “Untouchable Balance” artworks, seemingly contradictory substances are connected and stacked between points, lines, surfaces and bodies, and are built into a system in a limited space and precise angles. Different materials restrict and stimulate each other, and a balance is achieved.

“My Balance” is also a metaphor for individuals and life forms. It is the balance of various forces that triggers the encounter and connection of individuals, which points to human beings’ attention to harmony and resonance in an ideal world. Only under the boundary of fluid coexistence, the human community can maintain the possibility of individuals floating independently.