Cross the Border

Exhibition, for BIE and Burberry Generation.


January 2022

TX Huaihai,

Shanghai, CHINA.

Majoring Part
Concept, Spatial Design, Project Management.

The project is for Burberry Generation’s new exhibition. This exhibition aims to find emotions and expressions that belong to this era through young and diverse art forms. By exploring and researching the exhibits in this exhibition, a method of expression beyond the “boundary” has become the main form of exhibition. By expanding to allow young people to create new languages, the exhibition grounds are separated from the real world by design, creating new scenarios between real space and fake existence.

In this project, I am mainly responsible for parts from idea to implementation, including creative ideas, design refinement, exhibits refinement, space design, exhibition design, modelling, drawing, material selection, and implementation management.

Beyond the existing boundary of the space, by superimposing a layer of boundary, the original chaos of the commercial place is eliminated. The whole space is embedded between the wall and the partition. Seeing the external world as the initial border, the mall becomes the second border. Above the border of the mall, the overall package is overlapped, which is the border above the border.

However, this layer of wrapping is at the same time detached from the original site, blending but not covering. The screen, artworks and mirrors are regarded as a new layer of boundary, and this layer of the border has a new integration with the viewer, which makes the new boundary and flow continue to form in the site.

Starting from the diversity of Burberry Generation’s artworks, the overall space is divided into three different dimensions of “Cross the Border”. The garden at the entrance shows the fusion of digital creation and the natural world. Variation Sequence shows the fusion of the virtual world and the human. My Balance area, through a series of balance works, re-interprets the fusion of balance with humans themselves.