I'm Yanping Kori Chen

About Me

Interior Designer

Experienced Space Designer, Glasgow School of Art postgraduate and Tongji University graduate . Outstanding interdisciplinary design approaches, innovative concepts and techniques result the capability of engaging in creative work.

My Skills

Interior Design: Innovative concepts, Interior&service design process, Spatial&user research, Client centred.
Techical Skills: Rhino, Sketch Up, Adobe Creative Suite(Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign); AutoCAD, Blender, Enscape, Keynote, Office Suite.
Professional: Project management, Deadline focused, Creative, Problem solver.
Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese.

Design Experience

Space Designer

Network-Party | Shanghai, People’s Republic of China | May 2021 – Now

Work on both space and installation designing, project managing. Completed installation and exhibition designs and drawings. Achieved several projects from creative ideas to construction. Undertook the work among brain-storming, hand-drafting, modelling, drawing and landing. Worked as project manager and team leader in different projects. Demonstrated ability of whole-process space designing.

Interior Designer

NONG STUDIO | Shanghai, People’s Republic of China | July 2020 – April 2021

Work on both designing, drawing and modelling. Completed interior construction drawings in various apartments and houses projects. Achieved several designing and refining in different furniture like chairs, tables and cabinets. Undertook the modelling of complex interior finish like spiral stairs, curved curtain walls and sofas. In charge of 3D modelling and printing work. Demonstrated ability from designing to drawing producing.

Interior Designer - Internship

LINK Lab | Phoenix, the United States | November 2018 – January 2019

Telecommuting that focused on designing and modelling. Perfectly understood design requirements, completed model of interior walls and ceilings, undertook the modelling and drawing of an irregular ellipse stair efficiently. Achieved experience of working within a busy design team under English conditions. Demonstrated ability within 3D computer programs: Sketch Up and Rhinoceros.

Interior Designer - Internship

TEKTAO Urban Design | Shanghai, People’s Republic of China | March 2018 – July 2018

Internship in China’s leading urban design company. Achieved experience within surveying and mapping. Completed a client report using powerpoint and video collaboratively within the design team under pressure. Demonstrated ability within Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.

Exchange Study

Chiba University | Chiba, Japan | September 2017 – February 2018

Exchange study in Japan’s leading architecture faculty. Achieved the highest grade achievable of Architecture in Theory and Practice and A grade of Architecture Design and Planning under Japanese conditions. Demonstrated my capability within design concepts, procedures and team working.


Master of Design in Interior Design

Glasgow School of Art | Glasgow, the United Kingdom | 2019 – 2020

I achieved my master degree with distinction. My graduation project is to explore the social alienation in the
spectacle society, and finally, express the ideological system perfectly. A meticulous and applaudable depth
has been completed on research conducted into the site and theoretical texts, demonstrated ability of
researching, critical aptitude and execution capability. I explored through sketch models, artefacts, examination
and videos during postgraduation, which shows a rigorous research methodology that is exemplary.

Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design

Tongji University | Shanghai, People’s Republic of China | 2014 – 2018

I completed many creative interior projects. My graduation project is about revitalising the old town by contacting the high school and the community. I achieved the highest grade through beautiful interior spaces and improvement suggestions of community-school relationship. I also won the Outstanding Volunteer for the Emerging Practices Design Research and Education Conference, which demonstrated my passion for updated design trend.

Addtional Information

Design Inspiration


My decision of learning interior design was inspired by Ilse Crawford’s design philosophy, which is about humanity and wellbeing. I completed my past projects with thinking not only in a designer’s way but also in a user’s direction.

Personal Interests


Photography and digital&watercolour painting are my interests. Photography contributed to the obesevation of shape, light, colour and emotion. Painting enlarged the imagination and represented these creative ideas effectively.