Pity Party

Virtual scene, for NetworkParty and BIE.

Vitural Scene

May 2022

Live via WeChat Video.

Majoring Part
Concept, Spatial Design, Modeling, Filming.

The project is a video scene of a series of online music live events in collaboration with BIE during the lockdown of Shanghai. Starting from the urban scene of Shanghai, through empty street scenes, lonely lights, and propaganda slogans all over the city, this abstract anxiety and thinking is conveyed to every individual who is locked at home. Most of the scenes were constructed using assets, but through combination and color matching, the unique atmosphere of “Shanghai in the epidemic” was reconstructed.

In this project, I am mainly responsible for the design refinement and scene construction, including the construction of the main “medical shelter building”, the construction of some scene details, and the design of some shots.

Through Blender’s geometry nodes, an infinitely extensible “medical shelter building” can be generated. The building maintains a uniform exterior decoration and structure, banners and beds, presenting a same plan. In contrast, sparse characters in the scene are generated by random numbers in each layer, in contrast to the uniform scene. The unchanging space and the changing individuals show a kind of unease in the emotions of the Shanghai people during the pandemic.


Since it is a building generated by nodes, this “medical shelter building” can also adjust the height, width and space density, making it possible for the endless extension of the building in the live broadcast.

In addition to the endlessly extended “medical shelter building”, several other scenes were designed in the live broadcast.


The first one has a screen on the roof, which echoes with the red and blue lights of the ambulance below the building. The unmoving building scene contrasts with the changing lights.


The second is the landscape of the window. There is no one under the dense slogans outside, and the cat inside the house keeps wagging its tail looking at the landscape outside the window.


The third and fourth are variants of “medical shelter building”, including sweeping shots of indoor landscapes and rotating mirror images of multiple buildings.