Dive in Summer

Pop-up marketplace, for Xintiandi Wuhan.

Pop-up Marketplace

July, 2022

Xintiandi Wuhan,

Wuhan, CHINA.

Majoring Part
Concept, Spatial Design, Installation Design, Drawing and Modeling.

This project is part of Xintiandi Wuhan and Wuhan Summer Cultural Tourism Activities. Starting from the local elements of Wuhan, the titles “City of Thousand Lakes” and “Stove City” have shaped Wuhan’s unique and vibrant summer form. With the title “Dive in Summer”, the site is transformed into a “swimming pool”, and this image is reinforced by a large diving installation. By extracting the shape of Wuhan Lake, it once again echoes the traditional “jumping to the East Lake” in Wuhan in summer.

In this project, I am mainly responsible for parts from the idea to the refinement before implementation, including creative ideas, design refinement, site planning, installation design (excluding the installation of the diving man), modelling, drawing and material selection.

Wuhan is known as the “City of Thousand Lakes” and has a cultural tradition of “jumping to the East Lake” in summer. The representative lake elements of the three towns in Wuhan are extracted from the design. Through scale comparison, lakes of different scales are shaped into platforms, ceilings and seats on the site.


By geometricalizing and standardizing the original natural form, the site is full of local elements of Wuhan’s summer in a functional and of design sense, creating a place with both function and interest. Taking Wuhan as the picture scroll, the unimaginable watercolour was brought to the square of Xintiandi Wuhan.

Through the transparent plastic film and sunlight panel, as well as the gradient transparent colour film, a feeling of floating on the water is created. Whether under the rendering of lights at night or through the sun during the day, it will convey a concise but unique aquatic atmosphere. The human scale becomes confused with the water scale, the feeling between water and land becomes chaotic, and the space that does not conform to common sense becomes normal.