NetworkParty Office

Interior design, for NetworkParty.

Interior Design

July, 2021


Shanghai, CHINA.

Majoring Part
Concept, Spatial Design, Drawing and Modeling, Project Management.

The project is NetworkParty’s new office and pantry in Shanghai. Through customized aluminum tube furniture, the original narrow space is reshaped with standardized order. The office space becomes uncluttered and interactive through continuous lighting, shelves, tables, screens and representative cartons. Under the same tube line elements, the pantry is intervened in large areas in orange, making the space warm and comfortable, and be like a fireplace in winter.


In this project, I am mainly responsible for all parts from idea to implementation, including creative ideas, design refinement, space design, modelling, drawing, material selection, and landing management.

The design takes into account the limitations of the office site. In order to meet the needs of working and storage, and to create a concise and of corporate spirits, the method of frame and group storage has become the choice. Through the modular carton, different items can be easily sorted and replaced. Items can be quickly judged by the labels on the surface, and the pure appearance ensures the cleanliness of the scene. The array combination of aluminum tube and box adjusts the sense of space scale and makes the space appear more spacious. The continuous TV becomes the center of space interaction, and the wireless screen projector connected to each computer makes it possible for “Net-Work” collaborative communication in the space.

The theme of space design is collaborative communication and team work. The folding window and the small table by the window, the magnetic wall, the glass whiteboard that can be handwritten, the open pantry and the movable small table all make collaboration and communication more convenient. The unified tube line elements shape the unified tonality of the entire space, and also allow the narrow office space to gain more functional possibilities.