The Fish

A Construction of Bamboo

Lianhua Island, Suzhou 
Jiangsu Province

October 2016

Team project
with Yahang CHENG, Yi TAO, Jingxuan JIANG and Beilei ZHANG.

Majoring part
Concept, Record, Construction.

The Fish is a temporary structure built on Lianhua Island, Yangcheng Lake for a parent-children Interaction activity. It is built with bamboo strips and screws following the theme of a fish breaking the surface of the water. Bamboo, a traditional Chinese material, is a kind of herbaceous plant which grows rapidly and acclimatizes easily.

The Fish grows on the island like a herbage naturally and as a temporary construction it is written in water just like the fish leaping over the surface of the water. In retrospect, there are only several months between its setting up and fading away. So many wonderful things happen in a flash.


As it is a temporary construction on a mid-lake island, we choose “fish” as the theme since it is a mid-lake creature. How long does it take for fish to leap high out of water? Just a second, perhaps. However, if the second lasts forever, we might be able to chat on the fish-back; we might be able to sit under the fishtail; we might even be able to rest inside the fish-belly like The Adventures of Pinocchio.

The value of a temporary construction may only last in one moment; nevertheless we hope it could lead participants to happiness at that moment.

Design Process

Modeling Test

Joint Design