Pleasure Paradise

Pop-up store, for OSUGA.

Pop-up Store

December, 2022

TX Huaihai,

Shanghai, CHINA.

Majoring Part
Concept, Spatial Design, Installation Design, Drawing and Modeling.

This project is designed for OSUGA’s first offline pop-up store in Shanghai. Starting from the open and proud attitude of OSUGA towards female sex toys, the sex toys are displayed in a natural and simple form. With the theme of “pleasure paradise”, this store will become a happy island, which looks generous, pure, natural and full of affinity.


In this project, I am mainly responsible for parts from the idea to the refinement before implementation, including creative ideas, design refinement, site planning, exhibition&installation design, modelling, drawing and material selection.

The site design uses soft curves and spherical shapes. Carpets, cloth leather, Dupont paper and foam sculptures are also used as materials. Through a skin-friendly wrapping method, a body experience of softness can be realized. 


The overall venue is based on pure white, and the unique low-saturation color elements of OSUGA products are embedded in it, making the space look bright, comfortable and interesting in color. OSUGA’s products can also be better highlighted in the background.

With the fixed-frame metaball and splashing water as the form of the display interface, the space broke the dignity of traditional stores, allowing the joy of freedom to be displayed in a sculptural form. The installations of different scales symbolize different islands, distributed in the site, naturally forming a variety of exploration experiences. 


The combination of different spheres seems to form the postures of different groups of people, echoing the proud purpose of “pleasure paradise”, announcing that sex toys belong to everyone, not just “for sexy people doing sexy things”.