Dive in Lights

Installation, for Xintiandi Wuhan.


December, 2022

Xintiandi Wuhan,

Wuhan, CHINA.

Majoring Part
Concept, Installation Design, Drawing and Modeling.

This project is multi installations designed for Wuhan Tiandi’s Christmas and New Year’s Day activities. Starting from the festive atmosphere, “home” has become the fundamental element of the design. Through tracing the source of human experience, “home” and “reunion” are combined. Therefore, “seeing lights” and “hearing words” become the language of design presentation. The lights of every household are lit up, turning into warm stories and intimate words of different people.


In this project, I am mainly responsible for parts from the idea to the refinement before implementation, including creative ideas, design refinement, installation design, modelling, drawing and material selection.

When night falls, everyone gathers at home, and the warm lights are on, creating a festive atmosphere. It is because of the existence of “people” that “lights” have special meaning, “houses” become “homes”, and cities become places worth remembering. 


In the form of Christmas trees and ribbons, echoing flames and flowing water, the information of each individual “people” is brought together to form a “home” experience. Because of the participation of every interactor, the experience of the installation also points back to the “people” and “home”, instead of a normal scene.

Taking home’s lights as the intention, windows are extracted as design elements. Just like walking on the street during a festival, warm light emerges from the windows of each house. By shooting and uploading videos on mobile phones, everyone can upload their own silhouettes to the installation and light up their own windows.


Taking Wuhan’s local discourse “Kua’Tian” as the design element, the discourse is transformed into a flowing screen. Through weaving, everyone’s good wishes are gathered into a river. By uploading text on the mobile phone, the words can flow out on the device. The flowing power of words carries the intimate emotions between people in the city of Wuhan.