Forming Direction

Female Power Exhibition based on Slivery Force


October 2021

Business project
Network-Party project.

Majoring Part
Concept, Installation Design, Space Design, Project Management.

The project was designed for UCCA Lab, China Women’s Development Foundation and Shanghai Fashion Week. It continued the theme of “Dating the Genius Mom” ​​and was named “Forming Direction”. As part of the activities of Shanghai Fashion Week, it was presented in three locations in Xintiandi.

“Forming Direction” refers to the image, material, time and process that ultimately shaped a thought symbol. Through the silver visual image, rethought the representative meaning of “tradition” and “female”.


Silver as Colour, Power, Reflection and Female

As an exhibition for women and intangible cultural heritage, we chose “female” as the theme that connects the three venues. In the current era, both “women” and “intangible cultural heritage” have escaped a rigid imagination. They have become traditional but fashionable, elegant and powerful. “Female” is no longer a stable concept but full of uncertainty.

When retelling “female” through colours and materials, silver has become our choice. Silver represents the machine, the future and cyberspace. At the end of Donna Haraway’s Manifesto Cyborg, she said:

It is an imagination of a feminist speaking in tongues to strike fear into the circuits of the supersavers of the new right. It means both building and destroying machines, identities, categories, relationships, space stories. Though both are bound in the spiral dance, I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess.

We finally chose a mechanical and powerful metal corrugated board as the main element of site shaping. Under the silver cyborg lines, a new and ambiguous self was mapped out.

Weaving Shown on Metal

The sense of weaving organized by the metal lines brought by the corrugated board and the unique reflection effect better bring out the artworks in the venue. From the pure silver lines in “Silver Audition”, to the intangible cultural heritage weaving artwork on the orange interface in “Flowing Pattern”, to the art installation with silver metal shaping and weaving in “Weaving Mirror”, “female” and” Cyborg’s intentions were intertwined back and forth.

As the culmination of layered intentions, in the installation work “Flowing Pattern”, we finally extracted several classic intangible cultural heritage woven artwork patterns and generated them by computer to make them “weave” on the metal ceiling.

Original Pattern

Generated Pattern


Silver Audition

In “Silver Audition”, the artists use different media materials and visual metaphors to jointly explore the cultural construction in the female perspective. Therefore, in this themed space, the silver material that emphasizes reflection and tenacity completely wraps the space, creating a space that is both futuristic and stylish.

Flowing Pattern

In “Flowing Pattern”, the artist uses ancient intangible heritage technology as a source of inspiration to present the interpretation and inheritance of female culture and craftsmanship. In this themed space, similar to the interspersed technique of handicrafts, the space is intertwined with orange “vitality”, blending with the unique silver reflection, showing the vitality of traditional craftsmanship.

Weaving Mirror

In “Weaving Mirror”, traditional handicraft patterns are further extracted from traditional materials and woven on silver metal materials. The traditional culture and female perspective are constantly being reinterpreted now, constantly activating its uncertainty and diversity.