Super Plants Garden

Pop-up of Children’s Clothing Made From Plant Fibers


August 2021

Business project
Network-Party Project for AllBlu and QMqianma.

Majoring Part
Concept, Installation Design, Space Design, Project Management.

The project was designed for AllBlue, an emerging brand of children’s clothing made from plant fibersIn order to show AllBlu’s brand image as a “children’s somatosensory comfort expert” and the “plant superpower” feature of its products, AllBlu’s original “plant superpower” is displayed to a broad audience in an impressive interactive way through the offline experience. We hope that participants can play, explore, and feel comfortable in this special environment, and feel that the seemingly inconspicuous little plants are actually full of great superpowers. Participants can experience the concept of freedom and comfort conveyed by the brand, and witness the excellent performance upgrade of plants together.


Frome Characteristics Of Plant Fibers

AllBlu mainly uses eucalyptus, cotton and corn to create comfortable clothing. Eucalyptus fabrics are breathable, cotton fabrics are soft, and corn fabrics are highly elastic, bringing close protection to the target group. How to “materialize” the abstract plant fibre content so that participants can intuitively feel the power of plants? In order to achieve this goal, our solution is to extract plant fibre elements, derive creative gameplay, interact with space fun, and allow users to have an immersive experience, so as to have an intuitive understanding of the brand and product characteristics of AllBlu.

The overall appearance of “Super Plants Garden” is mainly composed of building blocks, creating a picture book style space that suits children’s favourite. Through the childlike colours, people can feel the children’s characteristics of the building. A service station and three plant-themed spaces are created inside—Allblu Friends Power Station, Take A Deep Breath, Bounce-Bounce Corn Land, and Fluffy Fluffy: the eucalyptus space mainly reflects the breathability of the product, the corn space shows the elasticity of the fabric, and the cotton space The space highlights the comfort and softness of the material. In the Take A Deep Breath, children can catch the small balls fluttering in the wind to their heart’s content, play freely, run and sweat; children who like to explore and fearless can jump freely with the blessing of the “arbitrary stretching force” of Corn Superman; in the Fluffy Fluffy, children can feel the plant technology fabrics and softly hunt for treasures.


We focused on communicating the unique “two groups” of children’s clothing categories. On the one hand, we set up attractive spaces and interactive installation experiences for children, and on the other hand, we provided parents with sufficient product information and fabric experience, so that they could understand the products more clearly. Through the design, children could directly deepen the brand memory through play and curiosity, and mothers could touch the fabric more intuitively, and seek common topics to resonate.

In order to increase user participation and the excitement of the game, we set up a reward mechanism, issued passport cards for customs clearance. When participants punched in three plant scenes and collected three plant stamps on the passport cards, they could exchange for gashapon machine tokens, and twist to get gifts. We also attracted children to play through interesting interactions and strengthen their parents’ understanding of the plant characteristics of products.