Super Plants Garden

Pop-up store, for AllBlu.

Pop-up Store

August 2021

The Bund Finance Centre,

Shanghai, CHINA.

Majoring Part
Concept, Spatial Design, Drawing and Modeling, Project Management.

The project is designed for AllBlu, an emerging children’s clothing brand made from plant fibers. Through the interactive experience of “plant superpower”, the brand characteristics of Allblu can be better passed on to both parents and children. Through the form of “superpower experience” with internal and external double streamlines and partitions, on the one hand, children can feel the characteristics of different plant fibers during play, and on the other hand, parents can also take care of their children while obtaining instructions for materials in the same area. Both parents and children can experience the concept of freedom and comfort conveyed by the brand, and jointly witness the excellent performance upgrade of plants.


In this project, I am mainly responsible for all parts from idea to implementation, including creative ideas, design refinement, space design, installation design, modelling, drawing, material selection, and landing management.

The design focus on communicating the unique “two groups” of children’s clothing categories.


On the one hand, attractive spaces and interactive installation experiences are set up for children, and on the other hand, parents could also reach sufficient product information and fabric experience.


Through the design, children could directly deepen the brand memory through play and curiosity, and mothers could touch the fabric more intuitively, and seek common topics to resonate.

How to “materialize” the abstract plant fibre content so that participants can intuitively feel the power of plants? In order to achieve this goal, the solution is to extract plant fibre elements, derive creative gameplay, interact with space fun, and allow users to have an immersive experience, so as to have an intuitive understanding of the brand and product characteristics of AllBlu.

The overall appearance of “Super Plants Garden” is mainly composed of building blocks, creating a picture book style space that suits children’s favourite. Through the childlike colours, people can feel the children’s characteristics of the building. A service station and three plant-themed spaces are created inside: the eucalyptus space mainly reflects the breathability of the product, the corn space shows the elasticity of the fabric, and the cotton space highlights the comfort and softness of the material.