Limitless Island

Pop-up of Post-Pandemic Lifestyle


May 2021

Business project
Nong Studio Project for Elle Decoration and Xintiandi Design Festival.

Majoring Part
Concept, Installation Design, Space Design.

The project was designed for Elle Decoration’s pop-up in Xintiandi Design FestivalThe design is inspired by the way of life in the post-pandemic era. By creating a kind of future healthy home, people can have a healthy life both physically and mentally in the post-epidemic era.

By intensifying and giving colour to a specific healthy lifestyle “home space”, and mixing these symbolic scene spaces, a future home community is constructed. Through digital media, a “social network” is created, and the “home” above the “square” is connected to a virtual “square” through the “network”.


Isolation and Online Connections in the Post-pandemic Era

Due to the impact of the epidemic, people were forced to live in isolation for a long time, and then felt the convenience of living at home; but at the same time, staying at home for a long time also brought certain problems. People are lying in bed, on the sofa, eating takeout, drinking drinks, and watching short videos for a long time. Not only is their physical condition worse day by day, but their communication with others is also decreasing day by day. Therefore, we consider how to create a future healthy home so that people can achieve a healthy life both physically and mentally in the post-epidemic era.

The design plan starts from thinking about several representative healthy lifestyles. By strengthening a certain way of life in a specific “home space” and giving it a symbolic colour, a symbolic space suitable for this way of life is created. By mixing these symbolic scene spaces, build a future home community. Let each “home” be closely connected, but cannot meet in person. Put digital media interaction equipment in the scene to create a “social network”, so that each “home” is connected through the “social network”, and the “home” above the real “square” is connected through the “network square”.


Taking “healthy lifestyle” as the design origin, we use colour to divide 4 different home scenes. They are closely interdependent and independent, seemingly isolated from each other. In fact, under the traction of digital networks, people are closely connected. The barriers of time and space are broken, penetrating the visual barriers created by colour, and becoming a closely connected “limitless island”.

Walking in the four-colour spaces, let each of us rethink how people will and should create a more organic and healthy lifestyle in response to the future of the post-epidemic era, and practice sustainable living in daily life.