Limitless Island

Pop-up store, for ELLEDECO and Xintiandi Design Festival.

Pop-up Store

May 2021


Shanghai, CHINA.

Majoring Part
Concept, Spatial Design, Project Management.

This project is designed for ELLEDECO’s pop-up store at Xintiandi Design Festival. The design is inspired by the lifestyle in the post-pandemic era. By intensifying and giving color to a specific healthy lifestyle “home space”, and integrating these symbolic scene spaces together, a future home community is constructed. Through the digital media built into each small space, a “social network” is created, and the “home” above the “square” is connected to the virtual “square” through the “network”. They are interdependent and independent, seemingly isolated from each other; in fact, driven by digital networks, people are closely connected.


In this project, I am mainly responsible for parts from idea to refinement before implementation, including creative ideas, design refinement, space design, modelling, drawing and material selection.

By strengthening a certain way of life in a specific “home space” and giving it a symbolic colour, a symbolic space suitable for this way of life is created. By mixing these symbolic scene spaces, a future home community is built. Each “home” is closely connected, but cannot meet others in physical world.


By putting digital media interaction equipment in the scene, a “social network” is created. Each “home” is connected through the “social network”, and the “home” above the real “square” is connected through the “network square”.

Under the traction of digital networks, people are closely connected. The barriers of time and space are broken, penetrating the visual barriers created by colour, and becoming a closely connected “limitless island”.


Walking in the four-colour spaces, visitors could rethink how people will and should live in response to the future of the post-epidemic era, under a more digital relationship.